CSL Product Features

Outcomes-Based Assessment Reporting


CSL for Administrators

Administrators review, comment, and approve digital report cards.

CSL for Teachers

Teachers assess their students, update online portfolios, and enter grades and comments.

CSL for Parents

Digital report cards are published and accessible to parents online.
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Learning Wall


Evidence of Learning

Teachers, parents, and students can post evidence of learning such as pictures, documents, and videos to their individual online portfolio throughout the school year.

Always Available for Review

Teachers review the learning wall when making professional judgments about student achievement.

Keep Items Private or Choose to Share

Teachers, parents, and students can choose to share or keep items private.

View Progress Over Time

The Learning Wall remains active and accessible throughout a students career, resulting in a unique collection of life-long educational accomplishments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions that you have. We are really excited about CSL and we look forward to sharing it with you!
What makes CSL different from other report card systems?
CSL was designed by administrators, teachers, and parents. The assessments are aligned with categories and descriptors from curriculum-based programs of studies which create consistency in both reporting and assessment.  
What are some of the benefits to using CSL?
There are plenty of great reasons to use CSL, but the hands-down number one benefit is the positive user experience for everyone involved:
  1. Teachers have reported an approximate 50% reduction in workload in relation to their previous report card system while at the same time reporting a higher satisfaction with the final reporting to the parents.
  2. Teachers feel that there has been improvement in the reliability, validity, and pedagogical soundness of their assessment practices. Conversations and realignment are occurring at an increased level of frequency and effectiveness due to the nature of the academic and learner attribute scales.
  3. Administrators have reported  a similar reduction in workload in addition to having more confidence and visibility in the approval process.
  4. Parents tell us very clearly that they find that the report card now gives them a much clearer picture of their child’s achievement, particularly in relation to our former report card. 93% of parents approved of their new report cards.
What grade levels is CSL designed for?
The current version of CSL is intended for grades K-6 but can be used in any environment where the learner assessment is based on the professional judgement of the teacher and supported by evidence of learning.    
Who designed the CSL report card?
CSL was designed by a committee of administrators, teachers and parents who were looking for a better way to communicate and manage learner progress.  
As a teacher, can I see what the report card will look like before it goes to a parent?
When creating a report card in CSL, the teacher can preview the online and printed versions of the report card at any time allowing them to see exactly what the parent will see.  
Can I see a demonstration of CSL?
Yes, you can request a demonstration of CSL by submitting a request here.    
“You’ve hit it out of the park with the new report cards.  We sent 587 report cards out digitally and the experience was seamless. Kudos!”
CSL Administrator

“For the first time since my kids started school, I feel like I have a true understanding of how they are doing. I’m not worried about proficiency and wondering if they are struggling or understanding the concepts.”
CSL Parent

“CSL lets me focus on the student and demonstrating progress to the parents.”
CSL Teacher

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