The CSL Methodology

An Outcome-Based Approach to Student Assessment

What is the CSL Methodology?

Purposeful Reporting

The report card is an invitation for a conversation or a summary of a conversation about student learning and achievement.

High Quality Grades

Assigning fair and meaningful grades requires thoughtful and informed professional judgment on the part of teachers, along with an abiding concern for what best serves the interest of students and their families. It requires careful examination of the tasks students are asked to complete and the questions they are asked to answer in order to demonstrate their learning.

“…rather than offering a cumulative, final evaluation, the report card should be seen as part of a continuous and ongoing reporting process… the report card communicates information to facilitate improvements in student learning.”

Thomas R. Guskey

On your Mark: Challenging the Conventions of Grading and Reporting

Goals for CSL Grades


To accurately reflect student achievement


To promote the idea that growth is possible and supported



Allow students and parents to see what students are doing well and where improvement is needed


Elicit meaningful response to feedback

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